$10 Buys Caller Latest Anti-War News

From Reuters

For $10 a call to a new 900 telephone number, Americans can get all the latest news on protest activities against U.S. involvement in the Persian Gulf.

1-900-44-NO-WAR provides an update on protests and reaps a donation for the Coalition to Stop U.S. Military Intervention in the Middle East.

The coalition, which is affiliated with the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party, says the phone number, which has been operating since Dec. 17, has raised thousands of dollars.

“We don’t have big bankers bankrolling us but we’re determined to carry out our work against the war,” said Jelayne Miles, the coalition’s fund-raising coordinator.


“A 900 number is a creative way to raise money. It’s an easy way for people to support the effort to get the troops out of the gulf,” Miles said.

Today’s recorded announcement gives details on a national demonstration against the American military buildup in Saudi Arabia planned for Jan. 19 outside the White House, and the coalition’s address.

Miles would not disclose exactly how much the coalition is paying for the 900 telephone service, saying only that the monthly charge is the “going rate"--between $800 and $1,500.