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Being a pro-choice advocate is not an easy job when you happen to be a male.

Recently, I attended another pro-choice rally, this time at a Fullerton clinic. As I stood there with my buttons and sign, I listened to the women around me talking to each other. The conversations were full of derogatory statements about men. Now don't get me wrong, women are justified in having many ill feelings about men for the oppressions they've suffered through the ages.

But I think the women in the pro-choice movement should try and be more aware of the men who are standing side-by-side with them on this issue, not to mention putting their bodies on the line for women's rights for reproductive freedom.

I'm sure that most would agree that the pro-choice movement would attract more men if men felt more welcome. Also, I'm sure that more men in the movement would surely be a benefit.

GREGG A. RICHIE, Huntington Beach

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