Hussein Called 'Satan,' 'Crooked' in 'Voice of Free Iraq' Broadcasts

Associated Press

A "Voice of Free Iraq" aimed at undermining support for President Saddam Hussein has begun broadcasting from an unknown location to Iraqi homes.

The radio station on its second day of transmission Wednesday urged Iraqis to form a parliament in exile to topple the Iraqi president.

The station, broadcasting intermittently for a few hours daily, refers to Hussein as "the very Satan," "despot," "tyrant" and "crooked."

Monitored in Nicosia, the radio said it broadcasts to "every Iraqi home and to the Arab nation's masses." It said it is transmitting on one medium-wave and three shortwave frequencies contributed by the radio services of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Arab states.

Those nations have joined the U.S.-led multinational force arrayed against Iraq in Saudi Arabia and the gulf.

No information was available on where the radio is transmitting from or who runs it, but commentators speak with Iraqi accents. About every 15 minutes, the broadcasts are jammed for a few minutes.

The programs are mostly political, with patriotic music and Koranic verses in between.

Iraqi opposition groups have been meeting in Syria over the last few weeks to form a coalition aimed at toppling Hussein and setting up a democratic government.

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