Short Takes : Sober Look at the Wild at Heart

Screen siren Kim Basinger says she can be wild without drugs or alcohol.

The 37-year-old actress, who steamed up the screen in “9 1/2 Weeks,” admits in the Februaryissue of Cosmopolitan that she’s done a lot of wild things, including drugs and plenty of partying.

“When I came to L.A., I said, ‘I want to take everything. I want to try it all.’ ”

She said the debilitating effects of cocaine “made me very smart in one way. It made me know that you could never use it and get by.”


Basinger skirted the issue when asked about her reported personal relationship with “The Marrying Man” co-star Alec Baldwin and past courtship with singer Prince, but said she would like to marry again.

“It’s so much more romantic than being a single person,” she said.

Basinger was married for eight years to makeup artist Ron Britton. They were divorced in 1989.