VIDEO RENTALS : Three New Players Enter the Top Five

In the Top Five of the Billboard magazine rental chart, where change is usually slow, suddenly there’s a new policy: out with the old and in with the new. The new leader, “Die Hard 2,” is one of three movies that jumped into the Top Five after just two weeks on the chart--"Navy SEALS” (No. 3) and “Problem Child” (No. 5) are the others. “Dick Tracy,” “RoboCop 2" and “My Blue Heaven” were swept out of the Top Five. “Navy SEALS,” about the exploits of an elite Navy commando unit, continues to capitalize on the nation’s concern with the Persian Gulf War. Best foreign-language film Oscar winner “Cinema Paradiso” entered the chart at No. 26.

Ranking Weeks Ranking 2 Weeks On Rental Top Rentals Last Week Ago Chart 1. “Die Hard 2" (CBS-Fox) 1 2 2 2. “Young Guns II” (CBS-Fox) 1 3 5 3. “Navy SEALS” (Orion) 3 10 2 4. “The Freshman” (RCA/Columbia) 6 8 4 5. “Problem Child” (MCA/Universal) 12 ... 2 * “Days of Thunder” (Paramount) ... ... 1

* “Days of Thunder,” the racing-car drama starring Tom Cruise, was considered one of last summer’s big box-office flops even though it grossed $82.6 million. But that wasn’t nearly enough to cover huge production, promotion and advertising costs. However, fans of Cruise--arguably the single biggest draw in the home-video market--will make this a big rental hit. It debuted at No. 7 and should race up to No. 2 next week, challenging leader “Die Hard 2.”