Comparing Hitler and Hussein

Enzensberger’s essay contains an insight that all should note well, especially in light of the flap over Iraqi civilian casualties: Like the Germans in 1933, the Iraqis today have the government they want. No one should doubt that 17 million Iraqis (or any determined portion thereof) could get rid of one megalomaniac if they wanted to.

And, just as for the Germans in 1945, so for the Iraqis today: The bill is coming due.

“Innocent” Iraqi civilians have sustained Hussein in power for years, permitting him to butcher his opponents or chase them into exile. Well, then, let the “innocent” Iraqi civilians now learn what the Germans and Japanese learned about military aggression in 1945. And let us teach them that lesson quickly and unambiguously, and then get ourselves clear of this folly before it teaches us some unpleasant lessons as well.



El Cajon