Legal Eagle: Brendan Sullivan, lawyer for Oliver...

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

Legal Eagle: Brendan Sullivan, lawyer for Oliver North, is almost at super-lawyer status. A profile in M inc. magazine was hardly off the stands when Washingtonian did a spread on him. The current article quotes him: “The bad thing is that by the time somebody comes to me, they are pretty far up the creek. The good thing is they will pay almost anything.”

* Weighty Case: The scales of justice were tipped in favor of prosecutors in Tifton, Ga. Tuesday. The local D.A. feared he couldn’t prosecute a burglary suspect because his star witness, Sylvanus (Hambone) Smith II, was too fat to fit in court: He weighs 900 pounds. The plan was to put Smith in the back of a truck, back it up to the courthouse, and have jurors trek to the lobby to hear Smith’s testimony. But the suspect pleaded guilty.

* Long List: One is a former U.S. President who gets his hands dirty building shelters for the poor. Another is a painter and inventor who has been dead for 472 years. But Jimmy Carter and Leonardo da Vinci both made Sassy magazine’s list of men whose “cool qualities greatly outweigh the lame.” The irreverent international teen magazine also lists physicist Stephen Hawking, Martin Luther King Jr. and Paul Newman.


* A Name a Mother Could Love: Somewhere in Kuwait City is a newborn boy with an unusual name. As allied troops took over the city, a new mother, Nura Dhubia, ran through the crowds. She found New York Times reporter Chris Hedges, and Dhubia asked him his name. She said she had promised God to name her new baby after the first American she met. So Chris Hedges Dhubia it is.