Our Real Enemy Is Close to Home

I am outraged at the report, "Man Gets 15-to-Life in Son's Fatal Beating" (March 2). A 10-week-old son at that. Child abuse is epidemic in this country. Infants die every day; bruised, battered children appear in classrooms every day; verbal, emotional abuse is rampant.

Saddam Hussein is not the enemy. The enemy is much closer to home. Why are dead infants in the Middle East so much more important than dead infants in the United States? Killed by their own parents, to boot.

What color ribbons would you all like to tie to your cars and fences until we resolve the child abuse problem in this country? How many flags would you like to fly? How many billions in tax dollars would you like to spend, and how many hours would the media like to devote to it?


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