Build Tomato Cages

Tomato cages are the ideal way to contain large, sprawling tomato plants. In years past, nurseries and garden centers sold large, sturdy cages constructed of heavy wire. Now if they carry any cages at all, they are likely to be small and suitable for only the most modest of tomato plants.

If you want large, substantial tomato cages, you will probably have to make them yourself. With concrete reinforcing wire you can construct tall, sturdy, circular cages that will contain the largest of tomato plants and last for many years. The wire comes in rolls of seven-foot widths--the height of the cage you'll make. The wire has a six-inch mesh, which makes for easy picking within the cage.

Each cage requires a 77-inch length of wire. Round the wire and crimp it together to form a cage. Remove the bottom cross-wires and push the vertical wires into the ground. Anchor each cage with 2-by-2 redwood stakes. The tomato plants may be spaced three feet apart between the centers of the plants, and the cages set over them.

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