SPECIAL REPORT: WITNESS TO WAR : Memoirs From the Battle Front, the Diplomatic Front and the Home Front : Witness to War

Principal writers: John Balzar, with Army XVIII Airborne Corps in Saudi Arabia and Iraq Barry Bearak, from New York Doug Frantz, from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Mark Fineman, from Baghdad, Iraq, and Amman, Jordan Scott Harris, from Los Angeles Douglas Jehl, with Army's 1st Armored Division David Lauter, from Washington Kim Murphy, from Kuwait city and Dhahran Michael Parks, from Moscow Daniel Williams, from Baghdad and Jerusalem.

Photographers: Patrick Downs, in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Larry Davis, in Israel

Contributing writers: John M. Broder, from Washington; Cary Goldberg, from Tel Aviv; John J. Goldman, from the United Nations; Melissa Healy, from Washington; William Tuohy, from Jerusalem.

Rewrite: Eric Malnic, Richard E. Meyer, Patt Morrison.

Section Coordinator: Terry Schwadron.

Project Director: Dan Fisher.

Contributing Editors: Art Pine, Tom McCarthy, Richard T. Cooper.

News Editor: Linda Finestone.

Artists: Ligaya Gritz, Paul Gonzales, Patricia Mitchell, Anders Ramberg, Juan Thomassie, Helene Webb.

Photo Research: Jerome McClendon, Glenn Potter.

Copy Editing: Don Bremner, Jane Engle.

Graphics Research: Nina Green, Tom Lutgen.

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