U.S. ARMY FORCES 1st ARMORED DIVISION 2nd ARMORED CAVALRY DIVISION 3rd ARMORED DIVISION Role: Launched attack in western Kuwait, thrust north into Iraq and moved into positions behind enemy forces. U.S. ARMY TIGER BRIGADE OF THE 2ND ARMORED DIVISION Role: Along with Marines, launched attacks in the south into Kuwait and breached what Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had described as an "impenetrable" barrier system. Schwarzkopf singled out the accomplishment as an "absolutely superb job." They continued north toward Kuwait city, took and held the airport and blocked escape routes out of the city. XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS Role: Established a solid wall across the north with the VII Corps just to the south, and both corps attacked Republican Guard directly to the east. 24th MECHANIZED INFANTRY DIVISION Role: Launched forces in the far west, thrusting north, and pushed through to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, blocking any escape route of the Republican Guard along the two rivers. 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION Role: Launched with a brigade an overland attack to take the Iraqi airfield at Salman, with the 6th French Armored Division. 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION (the "Screaming Eagles") Role: Established a forward operating base deep within Iraq, reaching within 150 miles of Baghdad. SPECIAL FORCES Role: Moved by helicopters deep into western Iraq on strategic reconnaissance before onslaught began. Other teams were in the Gulf to clear mines and perform other small-boat maneuvers and to threaten enemy flanks to make them believe an amphibious assault was imminent. U.S. MARINE CORPS 1st MARINE DIVISION 2nd MARINE DIVISION Role: Along with the Army Tiger Brigade, launched attacks in the south into Kuwait for the drive toward Kuwait city. The Marines also held the airport in the capital and blocked escape routes from the city. U.S. AIR FORCES AIR FORCE ATTACK WING The tactical Air Command provided critical close air support to advancing ground forces. Though information on specific units has not been disclosed, it is known that the F-15E fighter bomber, the F-16A fighter bomber and the A-10 anti-armor aircraft were actively engaged.

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