More Believe in Heaven, Hell, Survey Finds

Times wire services

More Americans now believe in heaven and hell than ever recorded before, the Gallup Poll reports.

As published in Emerging Trends of the Gallup organization's Religion Research Center, 78% of Americans surveyed said they believe there is a place where people who have lived good lives are eternally rewarded. The information came from interviews with 1,108 adults.

Sixty percent said they believe there is a place where those who have led bad lives and die without being sorry are eternally damned.

Previous records for Americans expressing these beliefs were in 1952 when 72% said they believed in heaven and 58% said they believed in hell.

Most of those saying they believe in heaven expect to go there, but few who said they believe in hell expect to go there.

Those who claim no religion (9%) and those who do not belong to a church (7%) expressed most concern about going to hell.

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