Some in La Verne Want New Theaters

We who live in La Verne have our own self-appointed protector, non-resident Bob Mastro, a local pharmacist.

It seems that he feels "called" to protect us from a Big Bad Edwards Theatre.

For the second time now, he has thrown a monkey wrench into the works by filing a suit against the city. This time, he has found fault with the environmental impact report and design review committee conclusions. This time, he claims there was a lack of proper evaluation of the traffic problem.

Although most of the sound and fury of others has subsided as far as press coverage is concerned, Mastro remains adamantly against the project, even though a number of his most staunch supporters have now drifted away. He seems not to care that it would seem from the election and the just completed hearing by the City Council that a high number of persons living in La Verne wish that the theater would be built.

A grass-roots committee of residents met recently and plans to send out a questionnaire to every household, which it hopes will get a good response to help ascertain who is right.

I wish that he could see that we do not need him as a watchdog over La Verne.


City Historian, La Verne

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