Easy Travelers

Perhaps this might help put at ease some of the would-be American travelers who are still unsure abut the safety of visiting some foreign countries.

We visited Morocco for two weeks, from Feb. 23 to March 9 of this year. Needless to say, our friends and relatives were convinced that we had taken leave of our senses to even consider going to that part of the world during the escalation of the Gulf War. We were told so in no uncertain terms.

But there was not a time during our travels in Morocco that we felt uncomfortable or threatened despite the political situation. We found the Moroccan people to be very friendly and cordial toward us.

The promised "Throne Day" festivities in honor of the king, which are held in early March, had been canceled. Celebrations of that kind seemed inappropriate at this time of crisis in the Gulf. We were sorry about having to miss out on that part of the adventure. We might just have to go back next spring.


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