Oil Firms Need to Fight Back

Since we still have a free enterprise system with supply and demand structuring most commodities, oil companies ought to fight fire with fire. After all, being nice guys does not seem to do the trick. It seems after having tried to persuade the Santa Barbara city and county officials--along with all the other public troughers--that we are conducting business in the safest way possible, one must say enough is enough.

Why can't the same oil companies refuse to deliver oil and gasoline products to Santa Barbara County, and find out how they like to be hampered going about their everyday business activities? After all, the noble folks on the Coastal Commission and their cronies in Santa Barbara might realize the imposition they created for others.

The service and supply industry, along with oil producers, has long been and is continuing to be punished. It is this writer's hope that in addition to lawsuits. the curtailment of fuel will get everyone's attention. Fight back. Demonstrate you all are true giants.



Ventura Hydraulics


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