Troubled by Unwanted 'Sanctuary'

Re "Sanctuary for a Troubled Soul," June 30: Now let me get this straight. Pat Donovan has a less-than-optimal childhood and grows into a thoroughly reprehensible adult whose major talent is sponging off the Rich and Useless.

In late midlife, she discovers, to her distress, that the merry-go-round really does run down and flees Hollyweird like some latter-day monk-ette who has seen a vision of the apocalypse. After eight months in a cave, she now is competent to advise half the world--and you agreed with her?

How did such a self-absorbed fruitcake rate a notice of any kind, let alone a front-page spectacular with color photographs?

I've had troubles too, and so has everyone I know. We also think we're pretty good, but please don't send a reporter.



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