Coming to the Defense of Westminster High

I am outraged by your smug and biased attitude. If you had researched your story instead of listening to a few malcontents who used your column to vent their hateful views, you would have found an entirely different picture than the one you painted in Sunday’s paper.

We have lived in Westminster for the last 26 years. My husband and I have raised six children here, and not ono of them is a gang member or a drug addict.

They love their school and can’t understand how you can get away with such biased reporting. To quiet a 14-year-old’s temper tantrum, you make 2,300 other kids who go to this school feel like second-class citizens in their own school district.

I hope this kid gets to go to Marina. He will have missed a great opportunity to go to a school that is rich with many diverse and wonderful nationalities and cultures. I also hope this woman is around for her son when he needs her to explain somewhere down the road of his life, that it takes many things to make a complete human being and two of the most important are compassion and tolerance for those of a different background. I have a feeling she won’t.