Glendora Jewish Group’s Focus Is on Friendship

As the founder of Glendora Jewish Friends, I would like to share with your readers the focus of our group. I’m not sure that the article printed last Sunday (Times, Aug. 4) adequately did this.

Glendora is a charming town. It is small, somewhat old-fashioned and country-like. It has a very active community and offers many activities for families. We have made friends with many lovely families. Unfortunately, there are not many Jewish families living here.

Jewish Friends began out of a concern for our children. We want them to enjoy and carry on the traditions of their heritage. We want them to know what Jewish people are like. We want them to recognize the familiar and comfortable style in other people’s homes. Jewish Friends is not about religion or ethnic foods. It is about friendship, simply.

We want people to know that we are an assimilated Jewish group, comfortable with all kinds of people but merely looking for a balance in our children’s lives. We also want other families to know that there is a Jewish community living in Glendora, and perhaps more Jewish families will consider moving to this area.