Isadore Perlman; Nuclear Chemist, Expert on Alpha Particle Decay

Isadore Perlman, 76, former head of the nuclear chemistry division at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and professor emeritus in chemistry at UC Berkeley. Perlman was an associate director of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (forerunner of the Berkeley lab) and retired in 1973 to go to Hebrew University in Jerusalem as professor of archeology and chemistry. He returned to Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in 1985 to conduct research using neutron activation analysis to measure iridium in rock samples. In 1949 he co-authored, with Glenn Seaborg, the first table of isotopes and was regarded as a world leader in research in alpha particle decay. In 1960 Perlman received the Ernest O. Lawrence Award from the Atomic Energy Commission. In Los Alamitos on Saturday of the complications of Alzheimer's disease.

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