A Guide to the Best of Southern California : FASHION : No Strings Attached

Some products cry out to be redesigned. Take the traditional hospital gown. Please. Made of a drafty mystery fabric, split down the back and tied (sometimes) with string, it’s a feature in every patient’s nightmares.

The No Moon Co. of La Jolla has come up with alternative. Its fit and feel is “more like a flannel nightshirt,” says Anita Chaffee, who, along with her brother Tim Russell, designed the blue-, green- and peach-striped gown. They used a fabric that is part cotton, replaced ties with Velcro strips along the back and shoulder and added generous chest and hip pockets, perfect for holding medical devices or personal items. The gown, which so far is available only in hospitals, comes in three sizes.

For more information about No Moon gowns, call (619) 457-4339.