Conal Q & A: Whitewash Job

There is an obvious note of anti-Hispanic bigotry in the way you treat the vandal Robbie Conal (Times, July 21) compared to the way you treat vandals with cans of spray paint.

Conal vandalizes private and public property by pasting his crude posters. The graffiti vandals deface property by spraying paint.

The graffiti vandals (rightly) receive The Times’ condemnation. By contrast, in your Q & A with Conal, the tone is bootlicking, simpering and dishonest. You entirely ignore the fact that Conal received his fame by vandalizing other people’s property. Instead of condemning him, The Times idealizes him and ignores his selfish and illegal actions.

The obvious difference is that the spray-paint vandals are young, poor and mostly Hispanic, while Conal is white, literate, and prosperous.