SPECIAL EDITION: CRISIS IN THE KREMLIM : Around World, Coup Draws Condemnation and Demonstrations : Here's how news of the ouster of Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev was received worldwide as reported by Times correspondents, researchers and wire services: : Canada Suspends Aid

Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said Ottawa does not recognize the new government in the Soviet Union, and he suspended elements of an economic assistance package that had been worked out during last month's Group of Seven meeting in London.

Frozen are a Canadian line of credit for emergency food aid worth about $135 million and a package of technical assistance for agriculture, transportation and energy-development projects of unspecified dollar value.

Canadian aid to the Soviet Union that had been negotiated before the Group of Seven meeting will continue for now.

Mulroney called Gorbachev "one of the great reformers of our time," and he said, "We are not going to go back to business as usual until we find out what has happened to him."

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