Iraqi Oil Revenue

In response to your article (front page, Aug. 16) regarding the United Nations authorizing Iraq to sell $1.6 billion in oil to feed its people:

The old imperialist colonial powers, namely Britain, France and the United States, not only decided to go to war with Iraq to liberate Kuwait, but now their real intentions are clear.

After driving Iraq out of Kuwait the U.N. mandate is completed. However, the imperialist powers are not content. The U.N. is to be the recipient of revenues from the sale of Iraqi oil. This is a new twist by the old imperialist powers. Their real intention is to extend their hegemony and exploit the resources of a Third World country under the guise of U.N. humanitarianism. It will be interesting to see which imperialist country will receive the check from the U.N. to supply food and medicine to save Iraqi civilians.

NISAR HAI, Vice President


Los Angeles County Chapter

United Muslims of America