2 Van Nuys Women to Share Lotto Prize

Two Van Nuys women bought one of two winning tickets in Saturday’s Lotto drawing and will share a $15.7-million jackpot with a Covina man.

Mary Greco and Diana Thomas will each receive annual payments of $157,200 after taxes for the next 20 years, Lotto spokeswoman Jana Matal said. As of January, the lottery has been issuing separate payments to individuals who share winning tickets.

Matal said the women declined to reveal their occupations or their ages, except to say that they are both middle-aged.

Their winning ticket was a Quick Pick, a random selection of numbers by computer, and was purchased at Kris Mobil Mart in the 5500 block of Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. The store owner will receive a bonus commission of $39,300 for selling the winning ticket.


Matal said the women felt numb when they learned that they had won and have not yet decided what to do with their winnings.

Roy Battersby, 77, of Covina was the other winner. His $7.86 million in winnings will be paid in 20 annual payments of $314,400 after taxes.