NATION IN BRIEF : OHIO : Bones of 1st Dahmer Victim Identified

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

Smashed bones scattered around the childhood home of Jeffrey L. Dahmer in Akron, Ohio, were those of a teen-ager he said was the first of his 17 victims, Summit County Coroner William Cox said. The identification was made by comparing a molar, a molar fragment and a neck vertebra with X-ray records of Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker who disappeared at the age of 18 in 1978, Cox said. Dahmer has told authorities he struck Hicks in the head with a metal bar, strangled him, cut up his body and buried it at his suburban childhood home. Several weeks later he unearthed it, smashed the bones and scattered them in bushes behind the house, he said. Dahmer, 31, has admitted killing and dismembering 17 boys and men since 1978.

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