Radio Jocks Ride a Clown Car to Drive Time

Claudia Puig's article on "Drive Time Isn't Prime Time for Women" (Calendar, Oct. 13) is an issue I have thought of for years! Why aren't there any funny radio morning ladies? I started thinking back and an answer--of sorts--began taking shape.

While I don't speak for all "a.m. drive jocks," I will bet that a lot of them fall into this category: ex-class clown, the ones who made the funny noises in the back of the classroom when the teacher wasn't looking, the guys who were a riot at parties but never got the girl (that privilege went to the "sosh-es and jocks," the lettermen and football quarterbacks who went on to become lawyers and politicians).

Some of us were considered "creeps" and "nerds," and we refined our future craft by regularly "paying our dues"--namely, being sent to the principal's office. And that's something you rarely saw happen to the "ladies" in class.

Now, we get paid for what our hands used to get slapped for!

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