Backing Up Mahony

We support the comments made by Cardinal Roger Mahony in "Mahony Responds to Rosenberg" (Sept. 30) in regard to Howard Rosenberg's myopic comments on the Catholic-bashing "Stop the Church" film.

Mahony is voicing what many Americans have been previously afraid to say out loud for fear of people who immediately yell "anti-Semitic." Attitudes that Jews are the only group at risk of prejudice are simply ridiculous. And many of us are becoming increasingly embarrassed.

It is as wrong to bash the Catholic Church as it is to desecrate a Jewish cemetery, but Rosenberg and other misguided Jews have lost their sense of proportion. The media have been so available to the Jewish perspective for so long--note the endless programs devoted to the Holocaust--that we have really begun to believe that we are the only people on the face of the Earth who have suffered. We have become inured to the suffering of others.

Rosenberg and others had better open their vision to achieving a more balanced perspective regarding the relative merits of Christians, Jews and other groups.


Los Angeles

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