Pay Raises for County Officials

Editor's note: Because of an overwhelming response opposing the pay raise, the supervisors say they will rescind the raise they approved last week at this Tuesday's session. Here is some of the reaction to the raise received from readers.

Re "Supervisors Raise Their Pay Amid Layoffs" (Oct. 23): While the sounds of hunger and rebellion are shaking all shores, with people losing their jobs, their homes up for sale or in foreclosure and families breaking up because of the economy, the federal, state and now the county leaders in their ivory towers are showing real leadership by taking another big pay increase.

What the people give, the people can take away. When are the people going to wake up and say enough is enough? I was glad to see the people vote for a constitutional amendment to limit the public office to two terms, then go up or get out. What the people should vote for now is to reduce all elected officials' salary and perks. All public officials' pay increases should be put in the ballot and give the people a choice to vote yes or no.

I always thought the purpose of elected officials was to serve the people by their knowledge and wisdom, not to stuff their pockets with the people's money.


J. Tilman Williams is a member of the Garden Grove City Council.

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