Simi Council OKs 38-Acre Project Near Civic Center


The Simi Valley City Council has approved a residential and commercial development for a 38-acre parcel across the street from the Civic Center.

The council, which had previously rejected the project because it was dissatisfied with the design, voted unanimously Monday to approve the proposal by the Irvine-based Lusk Co.

Lusk will build 93 single-family houses and a 226,000-square-foot office and commercial center at the southwest corner of Tapo Canyon Road and Alamo Street.

Council members rejected the proposal in August, 1990, because they said the design of the project’s commercial center did not meet the requirements of the city’s General Plan, which called for a courtyard theme.


As a result, the developer, which first proposed the project three years ago, made several changes in the design. It will now include two 1,000-square-foot courtyards in the commercial center.