Replacement Program Found for Dropouts

More than 100 school dropouts whose alternative education program in Reseda was shut down last month can resume their studies today at a new education center just blocks from the old school.

School officials announced Tuesday that students who formerly attended classes at the Fully Alive Center will be able to pick up where they left off by attending the Poseidon School on Sherman Way, just east of Reseda Boulevard.

Poseidon's program provides instruction to youths ages 12 to 18 who have quit school on their own or been expelled. Like the school that was shut down, the new school is under contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District, which subsidizes the program based on the amount of schoolwork done by students that could be applied toward their high school diplomas.

Joanne D. Saliba, executive director of Poseidon, said she sent letters Tuesday to the families of the former Fully Alive students, informing them of the opening of the new center. Amid protests by staff and students, Fully Alive closed its doors to students Nov. 16, after officials learned district funding for the month would be half what had been expected. District officials, surprised by the sudden closure, scurried to find new placements for the program's 130 participants.

Although a few enrolled in continuation schools or other independent study programs, most students had decided to continue their studies at home, district administrator Barry Mostovoy said.

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