Flood Leaves 2 Dead, 4 Missing in Texas : Weather: Slow-moving storm has caused at least 8 deaths since Wednesday. Ice-coated roads in Ohio and Iowa are blamed for more fatalities.

From Times Wire Services

Heavy rain pounded Texas again on Saturday, causing flooding that killed at least two people, chased others to higher ground and swept cars off roads, authorities said.

Four people remained missing after they were carried away by the floodwaters.

The slow-moving storm has caused at least eight deaths in Texas since Wednesday. Four people drowned and four others were killed in weather-related traffic accidents.

Forecasters said that the storm was likely to linger until at least Monday.


In Ohio and Iowa, freezing rain coated several roads with ice, causing at least seven traffic deaths on Friday and Saturday, authorities said.

Central and southern Texas have been hit the hardest. More than 11 inches of rain have fallen in San Antonio since Wednesday. Swollen rivers and streams have covered sections of many roads in rural areas.

“We have had so many cars being swept off the road and we’ve had a lot of rescues. The Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department have been working all night making rescues,” said Officer Clay Curtis of the Hays County Sheriff’s Department.

A woman and child drowned early Saturday when their car was swept off a highway into a ravine near Meridian, 75 miles southwest of Dallas, officials said.


About 70 people were evacuated from flooded areas in the town of Comfort, and authorities evacuated about 200 more near Ft. Worth.

The Dallas Fire Department prepared boats for use in the flood-prone neighborhood of Rochester Park, where for the third straight year residents gathered valuables and moved to higher ground.

“This is happening every year, and I’m tired of it,” said Earthly Carr, 64. “I’m just sick of it.”

A 14-year-old boy was reported missing Saturday after he was swept away by a rain-swollen creek in San Antonio, police officials said. Another boy was rescued from the creek.


Authorities continued searching Saturday for three people who were swept away Friday. One was a baby girl whose mother and 2-year-old cousin drowned Friday when their car was caught in floodwaters 100 miles west of San Antonio.

An unidentified woman was presumed dead Saturday after her car slipped off a road late Friday at a low-water crossing near Dripping Springs.

Another woman in the car was rescued Saturday while clinging to a tree, officials said.

Horse races scheduled for today were canceled at Trinity Meadows in Willow Park, 25 miles west of Ft. Worth, because the track was under water.


Rising water also broke through the front window of an Austin music store Friday night, causing $500,000 worth of damage.

“It was probably the most awesome display of power I’ve ever seen,” said store owner David Strait. “I was just watching the pianos toss and turn like match sticks.”

Meanwhile, freezing rain coated Ohio roads, causing a traffic accident that killed three people early Saturday near Van Wert, a small town in the northwest corner of the state. Icy roads also were blamed for three weather-related traffic deaths on Friday.

A traffic death in Iowa on Friday was blamed on icy roads, authorities said.