Pierce Farm Classes Praised

So, M. Stephen Sheldon wants to get rid of Pierce College farm and faculty.

Obviously, the poor man never eats food and hates flowers, plants, trees and open spaces--even wild geese. Does he know that funds from sale or lease of the farm will drop into the bottomless maw of the downtown bureaucracy, which may or may not permit a major amount to trickle back this way?

Sheldon must want a city with higher and higher buildings, engulfed by exploding populations. We can choose that or we can choose a prosperous, technologically advanced farm school that draws students from the entire county into successful vocations in the food industry.

The farm already boasts wide community support. Every inch of available land will soon be needed as creative new courses and ideas take shape.

How about a beautiful poolside spot for weddings? One college nets thousands of bucks this way. How about a mail order branch from the student store? How about selling clothes made from the wool of campus-grown sheep? Solar-heated greenhouses?

A bigger and expanding agricultural program will soon pay its own way and help finance other hard-pressed college courses.



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