Snow Surprises Israel and Jordan

<i> Associated Press</i>

Heavy snow isolated Jerusalem on Wednesday and covered the neighboring kingdom of Jordan as unusually heavy storms battered the eastern Mediterranean region.

The snowstorm blanketed Jerusalem and reached as far south as Israel’s Negev Desert. Police went on national TV to explain how to drive in snow--an unfamiliar experience for most Israelis.

Children in Dimona threw snowballs for the first time in their lives. The Negev town reportedly last saw snow 18 years ago.

Up to two feet of snow fell on Amman, Jordan’s capital. Ali Abandah, the director of the Meteorology Department, said the rainfall so far this winter in his perennially water-starved country was “the best in more than 40 years.”


Lebanon endured a second day of snowstorms, the worst since 1987. All mountain roads were blocked.