Female Condoms

So the FDA is close to permitting the sale of female condoms in the United States. Hip, hip hurray! A product obviously developed by men and for men so that they can continue to shirk any responsibility involved with the act of sex.

And then of course we women get to pay three times the cost of a male condom as we continue to assume that responsibility.

Do men seriously believe that the animal who beats his mate because she will not have sex with him unless he puts on a condom is going to stop that kind of behavior just because she puts one on instead? Give us a little more credit than to expect we will see this as a selling point.

And as for the idea that women will no longer have to "negotiate" the use of a condom . . . any woman with a brain knows that there is no negotiation. Gentlemen, you buy it, you bring it, you wear it.



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