Time to Close the Umbrella; Santa Ana Brings Sunshine


You can leave your umbrella at home this weekend, finally. Warmer temperatures and clear skies will dominate the weather for the next few days, forecasters said.

"Plenty of sunshine, low humidity, warm daytime temperatures," chanted Wilbur Shigehara, chief forecaster for the National Weather Service in San Diego.

According to Shigehara, a developing Santa Ana wind condition inspired his mantra.

"The weak Santa Ana will chase the rain away from San Diego," Shigehara said. "It will not rain for the rest of the month."

The Santa Ana wind condition is part of a larger high-pressure system that will push the storm track up into Canada, Shigehara said.

The San Diego area can expect the highest temperature in two weeks, Shigehara said. Temperatures will get increasingly warmer as the Santa Ana develops over the weekend.

It will be sunny and mild today, with only a few tufts of clouds, Shigehara said.

In the coastal area, including downtown, the high temperature will be 70 degrees today and a few degrees warmer on Saturday. On Sunday, the high should reach 75 degrees, Shigehara said. The nighttime low temperature in the coastal area will be near 53 degrees all weekend.

The inland high will reach 73 degrees today, 77 degrees on Saturday and peak at near 80 degrees on Sunday, Shigehara said. The inland lows this weekend will be between 45 and 55 degrees.

The high temperatures in the mountains will be in the 60s, and the lows will be between 30 and 40 degrees throughout the weekend, Shigehara said.

The high temperature in the deserts will be in the low 80s today and tomorrow, and near 90 degrees on Sunday. The low temperature will be near 50 degrees all weekend, the weather service said.

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