Desalter Plant

A desalter system removes nitrates and dissolved solids from ground water, making it safe for consumption. Here is how the process works:

Ground water (with about 60 milligrams of nitrates per liter) is pumped through a pre-filtering tank that removes small sediments.

Pre-filtered water is injected with sulfuric acid, preparing it for desalination.

Treated water is subjected to 250 pounds of pressure per square inch (tap water usually is about 50 pounds psi) and passed through an ultra-fine filter, shifting out the salts.

Air is blown through desalinated water, removing carbon dioxide--a byproduct of the sulfuric acid pumped into pre-filtered water.

Desalinated water (with nitrate levels at five milligrams per liter) is mixed with untreated water to form a mixture that meets drinking water standards.

Source: Tustin , Water Service Division

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