U.S. Unveils Plan to Lure Ex-Soviet Scientists Here

Associated Press

Two programs to attract former Soviet scientists, placing at least 150 in universities and another 150 with research firms, were announced Monday by the State Department.

The scientists will be placed in entry-level jobs for one to two years as visiting scholars. They will begin arriving in time for the fall semester, said Margaret Tutwiler, the department spokeswoman.

The schools will underwrite most of the $1 million program. The U.S. government will pay part of the salaries and some of the relocation expenses.

The other program is for 150 defense scientists to work as interns for American companies beginning in September. The program will cost $1 million initially, with another $1 million to be made available by the Agency for International Development.

The U.S. government will pay the air fare and a small stipend for the scientists, with the companies bearing other costs.

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