Grass About All That Can Grow Under Eucalyptus Tree

QUESTION: What can I grow under a eucalyptus tree?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, not much. A eucalyptus tree makes heavy water demands and the leaves and bark have a toxic effect on many plants. The only thing that will probably be satisfactory is grass, as the constant debris from the tree may be easily raked off.

California Poppies Usually Reseed Selves

Q: Will California poppies reseed by themselves? Mine didn't do very well.

A: Yes, generally; however, if you've cultivated the soil where the reseeding occurred, you may have buried the seeds so deeply they wouldn't germinate properly.

Wide Range of Grapes Grows in Southland

Q: Can you tell me of some table grapes that will produce well in our area?

A: The best selections for most Southland climatic zones include Concord, Flame Seedless, Perlette, Cardinal, Lady Finger, Muscat and Golden Muscat. Some of the more popular table grapes, such as Thompson Seedless and Emperor, require a great deal of summer heat and are not well adapted to most of our zones.

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