Video Rental Chart : 'Last Boy Scout' Eyes First Place

Arguably the most violent of last year's major movies, "The Last Boy Scout" looks like, as expected, a rental smash. This urban action movie, starring Bruce Willis and Daymon Wayans, entered the Billboard magazine rental chart at No. 5. Meanwhile, "The Fisher King" remained rental king for another week, but don't be surprised if it's blasted out of the top spot by "Boy Scout" in the next week or two. "Deceived," the Goldie Hawn thriller that figured to be a Top 5 rental, finally entered the elite circle at No. 3.

* Though it slipped a rung to No. 19 and it's not the powerhouse it was, this Oscar winner still has lots of appeal left in the rental market. Some retailers report it's a very popular rental--even though it's been out since October. Without the attention generated by the Oscar recognition, it would probably have slipped out of the rental Top 40 early in the year.

Rank Weeks Last on the Week Chart 1. "The Fisher King" 1 5 2. "Boyz N the Hood" 2 6 3. "Deceived" 8 3 4. "Ricochet" 10 3 5. "The Last Boy Scout" ... 1 6. "Curly Sue" 7 3 7. "Dead Again" 3 6 8. "Other People's Money" 4 5 9. "Shattered" 5 4 10. "The Doctor" 6 6 *"The Silence of the Lambs" 18 26

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