They Have No Trouble Condemning Scott for Opinions on Riot

Mr. Murray,

I have admired your articles for my entire adult life. However, your column about lawyers winning at any price to obtain an acquittal at the Rodney G. King trial misses the mark badly.

You and other members of the media had already tried, convicted and sentenced the defendants before the trial started. The public's reaction to the verdict is to be blamed mostly on the media who created the illusion that it was an open-and-shut case.

Your article implies that the jurors were somehow hoodwinked by clever defense attorneys, and that people such as yourself, who already had their mind made up, would be much more qualified to decide this case. I will say now that any future punishment these policemen might receive as a result of their conduct may vindicate your opinion of their guilt, but it will never excuse the suffering we have witnessed as a result of your brethren in the media.



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