Germany Qualifies for Olympics When Slovenia Loses to CIS, 84-82

Associated Press

Germany defeated Czechoslovakia, 90-74, Sunday and joined Lithuania, Croatia and the Commonwealth of Independent States as Europe's representatives to the basketball tournament in the Barcelona Olympics.

None of the four teams existed in their present form two years ago, if they existed at all. Croatia will be making its Olympic debut, while Lithuania has never competed in the Olympic basketball tournament. The CIS--the catchall name applied to the remaining states that formerly made up the Soviet Union--is technically the defending Olympic champion.

Indiana Pacer forward Detlef Schrempf scored 23 points to lead the Germans in the opening game, but the team needed to wait out the CIS' 84-82 victory over Slovenia before knowing it had qualified for the first time in its history.

Earlier, Lithuania finished the tournament with an 11-0 record as Arvidas Sabonis scored 33 points and had 17 rebounds and Sarunas Marciulionis added 23 points and 11 assists in a 100-87 victory over Italy. Croatia beat Israel, 81-70.

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