Oliver North, Ice-T and the U.S. Constitution

Excuse me, but I thought my seven Vietnam campaign medals meant that I had served a country that stood by its Constitution. Now I read that a criminal wants to have a man arrested for exercising free speech.

Ollie North is a man who sold arms to a foreign country which held American citizens hostage, the purpose being to circumvent the laws of the U.S. government and buy arms for a rebel group trying to overthrow the government of yet another foreign country. He wants to have arrested a kid who made a sleazy recording.

From the lyrics I've read, I wouldn't buy the recording. I believe that Time Warner should be boycotted. For that matter, I believe that Guardian Technology International should be boycotted. (This is, after all, an opportunity for Ollie to publicize his police equipment company.)

If blowhards like Ollie would keep their traps shut, Ice-T wouldn't sell any records, Time Warner wouldn't make any money and this issue, this mosquito bite on the derriere of society, would go away.



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