Men, Too, Feel Loss of Close Friendships

To Libby Slate's "Emigres From 'City of Angels' Leave Behind a Lonely Pal" (July 12), I must add that the problem of continuing loss of close friendships in our mobile society is not confined to women. As a thirtysomething man, I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the companionship (non-sexual) of several close male friends. Unfortunately, all of them have now vanished from my life due to career changes, education or marriage that involved leaving the area.

The loss is compounded by the difficulty of "replacing" the vanished friends. I suspect that women have an easier time: If all else fails, there is a growing proliferation of "women's groups" that purport to provide a support system. I have yet to see anything like that for men. If work doesn't provide the support system, there are few alternatives.



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