Middle East Peace Talks

In its editorial "Whose Fault This Time?" (Sept. 2), The Times states that the Palestinians will be responsible for any deadlock that may transpire in the peace negotiations because of Palestinian insistence on an independent state rather than limited autonomy.

If Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia are entitled to their own independent and recognized states, then the Palestinians are entitled to their own state. Palestinians are, after all, victims of the same World War I Allied map-redrawing calamity as befell those peoples.

The Times extols Yitzhak Rabin's government as the voice of moderation and reason because of its alleged flexibility. In truth, Rabin's "concessions" amount to nothing. The Palestinians that he released were political prisoners, and never should have been incarcerated; and the expulsion orders that he canceled were illegal under international law. Furthermore, his "concessions" will permit an approximate 40% increase in the Jewish population of occupied Palestine within the next year, more if Arab East Jerusalem is included. His policies will still permit the confiscation of Arab land for the construction of "security settlements."

Rabin's "concessions" were designed to achieve one objective: To secure the Bush Administration's approval for the $10 billion in loan guarantees.

If the Rabin government desires to demonstrate its good intentions to the Palestinians, then it should offer to sell to Palestinians on an affirmative action basis the homes that are under construction in Palestine.


Sierra Madre

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