LAPD Board Clears Officer of Sexually Assaulting Policewoman

A veteran Los Angeles police officer was cleared by a departmental board of rights on four counts of sexually assaulting a female officer, LAPD officials said Friday.

However, James Joy, 37, a member of the elite Metropolitan Division, was found guilty of improperly using a police vehicle while off duty. Joy was given a three-day suspension by the board of high-ranking police officials, which could be reduced or eliminated by Chief Willie L. Williams.

The case has never been referred to the district attorney's office for criminal prosecution.

At the time the case came to light it set off an intra-departmental controversy, with the policewoman charging that the department's Internal Affairs division had started an investigation of her sex life and told her not to identify a suspect in the report. She also said nude photos of her with her injuries were circulated in the department.

The records in the case were sealed after Friday's hearing.

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