When Will the Chants of 'We Want Schroeder' Begin at the Coliseum?

Let me get this straight--all of the blame for the first two Raider losses was put on the shoulders of Jay Schroeder, but when his replacement, Todd Marinovich, loses because of his own three interceptions and a fumble, The Times' headline states, "There's Lots of Blame to Pass Around."

Another story also gave seven other reasons for the loss other than Marinovich's skills. Pulling Schroeder last week after a big game was a mistake. Marinovich will improve, given time, but he's too inexperienced to start at this time.

Have you heard any criticism of Art Shell's coaching skills? No fault has been pinned on him for the team's seven consecutive losses. If he were anyone else, say, John Robinson, he would be heavily criticized. You didn't see the Rams get rid of Jim Everett, they got rid of the coach. The Raiders have chosen to get rid of their quarterback and keep the coach.


Woodland Hills

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