Who Needs Another Year of Injured Eric Davis?

I read where Eric Davis feels just terrible about letting down the Dodgers and their fans this season and is so sincere about making amends that he would consider returning in '93 on a one-year contract.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is all heart. Having played Fred Claire for a sucker once, he is out to do it again. Davis "appeared" (not to be confused with played) in 78 games, batted .228, hit five home runs and had 32 RBIs. For that he collected $3.6 million.

He didn't mention anything about returning half of it. If he wishes to return next year, let him do so for a salary of $1.

On second thought, why let him get in the way of some youngster who wants to play and will be in there every day? This guy with a history of injuries has got his blues mixed up. His affiliation for 1993 should be the Blue Cross.


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