VALLEY COLLEGE : Wilson Recall Campaign Started

Running on coffee and lacking sleep, Bonnie Anderson, Associated Students commissioner of student welfare at Valley College, is constantly involved in causes.

Her current mission is to recall Gov. Pete Wilson.

Covering the San Fernando Valley’s 40th Assembly District, she is in charge of getting as many recall petitions signed as possible for Bite ‘Em Back, an organization that wants to recall the governor.

Anderson said that because of recent state education cuts, people are angry. “Seeing these cuts really got me angry,” she said.

The recall campaign, which started last month in San Jose, has “taken off like wildfire,” Anderson said.

The response was so large, a Bite ‘Em Back headquarters was opened in San Jose to handle the large numbers of donations and answer questions, she said.


Last week, recall supporters sent Wilson a notice of intention to circulate recall petitions against him, Anderson said.

Among reasons cited in the notice were Wilson’s alleged failure to work with the state Legislature during the budget crisis, failure to submit a balanced budget in a timely manner and lack of support for public schools.

Anderson said she will have petitions on campus for students to sign in two or three weeks.