POW-MIA Cover-Up

I appreciated Sydney Schanberg’s article (Commentary, Nov. 11) regarding the POW-MIA cover-up. It sickens me each time I read about the official Senate investigations and negotiations with Hanoi, which all seem to have a predetermined conclusion. Since they couldn’t keep the cat in the bag about knowingly leaving American POWs behind in Southeast Asia, Korea and Europe, they now seek to convince or reassure the American people that there are none alive today. I am not reassured.

Like many, I could not believe the horror of soldiers living as POWs for all these years until I began reading about the efforts of Col. Bo Gritz, under U.S. government sponsorship, to try and bring out living American POWs. His near-success stories are convincing and compelling. My understanding is that there were Americans still alive as late as March of this very year.

I find the whole awful truth to be a deep national shame, and a betrayal of men who put their lives on the line for us.