Gang Solutions

Gangs have been a major problem. I am 14 and I have had a gun put against my head six different times. Each time all of my money has been stolen from me. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but this is not too appealing to me. Also, around my neighborhood more and more graffiti has turned up. I do not live in a bad area at all either. This is no longer someone else's problem; it is mine.

I have some ideas for solutions to gangs and family problems. First, I would like to see some after-school centers started for kids to help them with their homework and also to provide recreation. This would help keep them off the streets until their parents come home from work. Second, there could be perks for mothers and fathers who support their families such as reduced income taxes while the children are still young. Or maybe the minimum wage could be raised a little bit so people will make more than their welfare allowance. And finally, I would really like to see a lot more jobs for the youth. I think we could all solve this gang problem if we put our minds to it.


Playa del Rey

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